Have you ever thought about opening up your home and your heart to an Aboriginal foster child?

Become a foster or kinship carer!

Around one third of children in care are Aboriginal but there are not enough Aboriginal carers to support them. If you become a carer, you’ll help keep these children connected to community and culture to ensure their identity stays strong and alive.

Aboriginal foster carers play a vital role in the lives of Aboriginal kids. By giving these children safe, caring homes, you’ll help ensure their wellbeing and change their lives for the better.

An Aboriginal child’s cultural identity is an important part of who they are. Children who are strong in their culture have higher self-esteem, confidence and expectations of what they can achieve.

As a carer, you’ll get free phone advice and support and can join an Aboriginal carer support group. There are also a number of resources to assist Aboriginal carers, such as the Raising Them Strong booklet, and DVD which give information and tips about caring for Aboriginal children.

If you are interested in becoming a carer, please contact an Aboriginal foster care agency in your area. Aboriginal foster care agencies are community controlled and provide support and training for their carers.

You can also contact AbSec on 1800 888 698 or visit their website for information about foster care support services.

Apply today! Begin the process to become a foster carer.

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