CareSouth’s foster carers are everyday people doing extraordinary things to support children, young people and families across the Illawarra, South Coast, Southern Tablelands and Western NSW.

CareSouth will support you to provide care for children aged 0-18 years whether you become a respite carer (typically one weekend per month), short-term carer (up to 6-18 months) or long-term carer. Our foster carers receive ongoing training, regular caseworker visits, 24/7 on call support, clinical services and a tax-free allowance. We look after you so you can look after the people who need it most.

Our foster carers are everyday people like you. They are young couples, same sex couples, single people, have children of their own or are retired.

Becoming a foster carer can be a very rewarding journey for you and your family. By providing a stable, caring family environment for a child or young person you can make a very positive difference to a child. Becoming a foster carer is a big-hearted decision. If you’ve given it plenty of thought, talked it through, and you have the time and the space (a spare bedroom) in your home contact CareSouth today.

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