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    Hi , I’m a single mum with a child. The last year both my son and I have talked about becoming a foster care and was wondering how hard would it be for a single mum working and rasing a child?



    Hi Claire,

    My name is Cheryl. I have been a single parent to three biological children, as well as many foster children for the past 17yrs. We have provided all types of care, from long term, short term, crisis and respite, and as a family have found it to be very rewarding. There are many wonderful and committed single parent foster carers, providing different types of foster care. It’s great to start asking questions, and think about what type of foster care you think may suit yours and your sons own personal set of circumstances. This could be anything from an overnight crisis placement, one weekend a month respite care, regular respite care, short term placement or long term care. This will be discussed and become a part of the assessment process, if you decide you would like to proceed. There are also supports in place for carers, so you don’t have to feel that you are doing it on your own, from agency support workers, Connecting Carers, training, and connecting and building support networks with other foster carers just to name a few. It sounds like you’ve given it a lot of thought, and there are many children in urgent need of various types of care, that you may be able to help provide. Thank you for your question, that’s a great first step. I would recommend you contact an agency near you, and talk about how to best proceed from here.
    All the best,



    Hi Claire, I just wanted to encourage your interest, I am not a single parent but what I do as a foster carer would not discourage me if I was, As Cheryl said you are not doing it on your own, there is always support from case workers, connecting carers and other foster carers. I am sorry this response is late, I hope you have since contacted an agency to ask questions and get a clearer view of what to expect and what is expected. Good luck. I have a 14 year old Daughter we have been fostering since she was 4, she has been a wonderful big sister to many. It has been wonderful for her over the last ten years and continues to be. It can be challenging, but parenting is challenging, it is however also rewarding. best wishes to you and your son.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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