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    Hi guys

    I have been rejected from 3 agencies.
    A multicultural agency. I asked how often children get restored when on permanent orders and they said if a child got removed after 3 years, I could foster another and if they get restored another and at least those kids would have a positive experience in my care. When I said I didn’t want to do that they said I should rethink fostering.

    A large non denominational agency – I own a decent sized one bedroom and have plans to convert it into a 2 bedroom. It’s not a mansion but it’s not small by standards in my area. I’m close to good schools, park, beach, friends and family with great neighbours. They said that the apartment and proposed room were too small.
    A religious organisation – they said that if they had a Vietnamese child on short term and they were then put on long term orders they would place it with a Carer on their list, regardless of their culture, rather than let FACS know and thereby let another agency with Virtnamese Carers be matched with the child. As a former aid worker I have ethical rather than racist issues with taking a child who is of culture X when I know there are Carers of X culture out there who would desperately want that child.

    I am Anglo-Sri LankanAustralian and there are NO Sri Lankan Carers. I was told the agencies wouldn’t flag it with FACS that they had a Sti Lankan Carer in the event that a Sri Lankan child is needing a home. FACS said the same thing.

    The foster Carer (who is of Snglosaxon heritage) who recommended this organisation to me had no such problems when she said she wouldn’t take a Muslim child because she was Christian. Yet I was pushed and pushed on this issue. The agency said I had to e willing to take kids of any race and culture or couldn’t be on the register. In fact they asked if I’d be willing to take another Asian child. I explained that Asian is not Asian. They are different countries and cultures.

    The system puts Sri Lankan kids with Vietnamese Carers and would prefer to put a Vitnamese child with a Sri Lankan Australian rather then find a Vietnamese speaking family for the little one.

    It feels like a very biased system. Because I’m not Snglosaxon I seem to get very different treatment from the same agencies.

    Any suggestions of agencies that won’t discriminate?



    Hi! Did you get any further with this?

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