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    We have just completed the assessment process to become carers and are awaiting our approval (fingers crossed). We will be caring for young children (possibly siblings), initially those in respite and emergency care, but hoping to move to something more longer term down the track. We will have to purchase a set of bunk beds, mattresses, Manchester etc to set up and were wondering if there is any financial reimbursement available for such a purchase. We didnt want to ask during the assessment process as we didn’t want it to influence our application but are keen to know. Any advice is appreciated. Located in Sydney, NSW. Thanks 🙂



    You should discuss this with your agency as there are provisions made for initial set up costs. This can vary depending on the circumstances involved. Congratulations on getting this far and we wish you well for your future in fostering.



    With the department you only get establishment money for a placement eg a long term child has $1400 available for purchases at the Caseworkers disgression . You don’t get the money as such but it can be used to purchase a bed etc .

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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