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    Anyone have any advice for working with histrionic personality disorder? They need support and affirmation but how to give it without feeding the disorder? The disorder is often caused by deep abandonment issues.They simply can’t control their need for affirmation and attention. It makes their lives very difficult due to constant abandonment from those around them. It also makes the lives of carers and other family members difficult. How can you convince them you will not abandon them AND still live with the behaviours? Advice most welcome!



    A frustrating question for sure. Not having come across this disorder before, I Googled it as you probably have already done. As there does not appear to be any self help group either, maybe there are some other carers out there that might be able to share ideas with. My initial thoughts were make sure that boundaries are always firmly in place as this can reassures children and makes them feel safe. Sorry I cannot offer more helpful advise.



    If you are talking about a child in your care, I would think you need to seek professional advice . Sounds like some very complex issues I hope you are getting plenty of support.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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