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    Hello. Thanks in advance for any advice
    We recently had to take my husbands 10 year old niece and 12 year old nephew. The mother is an alcoholic and her partner kicked her out so she was homeless and can’t take care of herself and no where to go. We got a call and we said we would take the kids , this all happened suddenly and we had days notice to prepare for the kids.
    They have been with us for a couple of weeks now. We have no legal paper work or anything. They are not on our Medicare etc. they are enrolled in schools, the schools have been great . The mom is having less and less contact as the days go on.

    I’ve spoken to a government legal assistance who said I need to have a consent form signed by both parents. There is solicitor costs associated with this as it needs to be filled out by a solicitor. Plus I don’t even know if she would sign this.
    We have no financial assistance for the kids , well it’s limited. The mom did send us a little money as she got some sort of emergency funding from Centrelink- we suspect she is getting child care Centrelink benefits.
    So my question is – how do I go about getting assistance? How do I become an offical foster carer of the kids so we get assistance ? I’m not doing this for money but it’s not sustainable to do this long term with no help? They are loved and wanted and cared for her. We have two other small kids and we both work full time. We need help to manage the logistics of extra kids and the extra costs

    Advice on next steps would be great

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