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    I’m new to this forum and it has been great to hear from some existing carers. My husband and I have been contemplating fostering for quite a number of years now. We have a biological daughter turning 8 this year. Unfortunately we can’t have any more children of our own. Our daughter is constantly questioning why she can’t have a sibling like all of her friends. As specially now that she is understanding things better. Hence we are now at a point where we are thinking of lodging an application to show our interest.

    Our daughter is a lovely kid, and our greatest hesitation to move this forward has been because we are worried about the potential negative impacts it can have on her. We are only interested in long care, and for a girl 2-3 years younger than her.

    Does anyone have similar situation, and would you mind sharing your experiences? Thanks in advance.



    Hi, I understand your hesitation and this is understandable. We began caring for children when my daughter (who is an only child) was five. We have always cared for children younger than her so as not to overwhelm or intimidate her. This always worked for us. Your Agency will talk to you in detail about your concerns and will take them into consideration when finding a suitable placement. Yes, there are always “potential” negative impacts. Children come into care for a reason and this brings with it – challenges. We have been presented with challenges over the years but they have not impacted negatively. I like to think the difficult times are learning experiences for us all, including my daughter. It has been and continues to be a positive experience for her.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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