There’s no wrong way to start the process. You can go directly to an agency in your local area, or we’re here to help you find the right agency for you.

The process varies from agency to agency. Generally, it can take four to six months.

  • It’s important to remember that whole families foster, not just you. Chat to the significant people in your family and life first, especially if you have children.
  • Browse the agencies in NSW or call us on 1800 236 783 and we can help match you with one that’ll best meet your needs.
  • You can also contact an agency of your choice directly. Request an information pack from the agency and have a chat with them about their services, the type of support you’d like to provide to a child and any questions you might have about your suitability. After expressing interest, your chosen agency might arrange for a home visit from a caseworker and chat to you about your readiness and the process.
  • Or you can attend an information session. You’ll hear from experienced carers about the rewards and challenges of supporting kids. You’ll also hear from caseworkers about the support and training you’ll receive and how you’ll work as part of a professional team fostering the future of that child.
  • Once you are ready to apply you can either contact a foster care agency directly or submit an enquiry form and we will help you with your application.
  • Once you’ve submitted your application you will undergo an assessment (including criminal record checks, interviews etc) & attend foster carer training.
  • A recommendation will then be made about your suitability as a potential carer.

Are you ready to be the family a young life needs?