Am I eligible to adopt?

To apply for adoption you must be:

  • resident or domiciled in NSW, and
  • of good repute and fit and proper to fulfil the responsibilities of parenting, and
  • over 21 years of age, and
  • at least 18 years older than the child to be adopted

One person solely or a couple jointly may adopt a child. The Adoption Act 2000 defines ‘couple’ as two persons who:

  • are married to each other, or
  • are de facto partners (whether of the same sex or a different sex)

There are a number of accredited adoption agencies who currently provide adoption services in NSW through ‘Foster to Adopt’ programs:

  • Barnardos Australia Adoptions ph: 02 9281 5510 (adoption of children over two years)
  • CatholicCare Adoption Services ph: 02 8709 9333
  • Anglicare Adoption Services ph: 02 9890 6855

However, under the new legislation, which merges the standards for Statutory Out-of-Home-Care and Adoption, streamlined processes will enable many more agencies to provide both out-of-home-care and adoption services.

Find out more about open adoption from out of home care, or contact:

  • your caseworker, or
  • one of the NSW non-government Adoption Agencies listed above offering adoption services, or
  • Community Services Out-of-Home Care Adoption Team on (02) 9716 3006